Seize the weather and enhance your home’s exterior with custom remodeling

When the days are long and the weather is clear, it’s time to seize the day and launch that long put-off project of remodeling the exterior of your house. Improving your curb appeal is a crucial strategy for increasing the value of your Birmingham, AL area home.

Where do I start?

Not sure what to do first? Drake Homes has award-winning designers who can help you define the project and add the creative touches that are sure to turn heads. We know the steps to take to get the project started and carry it to flawless completion.

Unified aesthetics

If your house has grown over the years with additions, extra decks and new entryways, chances are the exterior could use a cohesive look. Your designer knows how to blend the rooflines and the siding to make a unified impression.

Update siding

Is your siding over 10 years old? Have there been hail damage, moisture stress and sun fading? If so, it may be time to consider updating your siding, stone or wood. A new decorative palette can do wonders for your curb appeal. Your designer will have recommendations for details such as stone veneers, new decking and new colors.

Eye-catching entryway

If your entryway is underwhelming, a few tasteful touches can make a positive lasting first impression. A custom door with matching fixtures, a complementing porch roof, bright sideline windows, renovated sidewalks and steps, and carefully designed lighting can do amazing things for your overall exterior design.

Finishing touches

The difference between an average house and an extraordinary home is the finishing touches. The details, including soffit replacement, fascia refinishing, customized garage doors and sculptured driveway, can set your house apart from the rest. Drake Homes knows the importance of attention to details. Our craftsmen can finish your exterior remodeling job with flare and finesse.

Get a free consultation on your next exterior home remodeling project!

Call us today at (205) 637-3646 for a free consultation. We will evaluate your exterior and make a plan for your remodel project. You’ll enjoy a great return on investment with a comprehensive exterior remodel from Drake Homes that will give new energy to your home’s appeal.

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