Add Space with a New Kitchen Island

The kitchen is considered the most important room in the house since it is the hub of family life and is heavily used. Is your Birmingham, AL kitchen as efficient as it could be? One simple solution is to add a kitchen island to redesign the traffic flow and increase productivity and harmony.

Kitchen islands are all the rage in remodeling today, and for good reason. They give you an option for moving an appliance, adding work space, increasing storage space, and adding casual seating.

At Drake Homes, our creative design team can evaluate your current kitchen and your needs to bring you the efficient and aesthetically pleasing design that’s right for you. Our skilled craftsmen will bring their talents and attention to detail to craft the island and renovate your kitchen space to meet and exceed your expectations.

Wondering about the benefits of adding a kitchen island?

Kitchen Islands Can Meet Your Needs

Extra food prep area is the #1 reason for adding a kitchen island. To further enhance food prep design, some islands provide an area for subset butcher block while others add a small sink for quick rinses. Plenty of counter space gives you room for serving, to include more people in the prep work, and to make sure everyone can work safely and easily.

Extra storage space is a huge benefit of having a kitchen island. You will have room to put away all those great new gadgets and appliances such as your juicer, soda maker, spiral peeler, mixer, popcorn popper, espresso machine, and more.

Extra seating for casual family eating, or sitting around talking while the food is being prepared, can be a great way to reconnect with family and friends. It can also redefine fast food by helping you feed the family quickly during those busy times.

Personalized interest areas can include pet feeding centers built into the base of the island, wine coolers added to the cabinets, small sink for veggie washing or plant watering, shelves for books, space for eye-catching accessories and more.

Relocating appliances is also a great way to improve the efficiency of your kitchen floorplan. A kitchen island can house the range, sink, beverage fridge, dishwasher, microwave, grill or other specialty appliance.

Kitchen Islands Can Match Your Style

Our certified designers at Drake Homes will consider your style and tastes while designing your ideal kitchen island. There are several common shapes to choose from and each shape has its own style features and advantages. We will discuss the L-shape, rectangle, square that is mobile, two-piece and round kitchen island designs with you to make sure you get the most efficient design possible.

We can choose from a variety of materials and colors to either complement your existing kitchen or to contrast it as an interest area. When we’re done, your kitchen island will blend seamlessly with the existing kitchen and will make the design statement you desire.

Your kitchen is the hub of your family and it should support all the activities that have to take place there while offering energy and harmony to everyone. A kitchen island could be the answer to your food preparation, storage, and seating needs.

To schedule an appointment to review your current kitchen layout, call us today at (205) 637-3646 or email us.

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