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There’s no better way to enjoy life in Birmingham, AL, than with a comfortable home remodel that includes a customized deck designed to be the perfect addition to your house. A quality remodeling job, coupled with a carefully crafted deck, can give you the opportunity to get the most enjoyment out of your property while adding value to your home.

At Drake Homes, our experienced design-build team can combine the elements that you desire for your remodel project and new deck with an expert design that works with your existing architecture. When we’re done, you will have a beautiful, new home with a deck ready for your next big barbecue, family gatherings or quiet mornings before work.

What Can a New Deck Do for Me?

A high caliber home remodel with a customized deck can expand the usefulness of your home and improve its exterior. Here are some other ways we’ve seen a deck add value:

  • Enjoy time outdoors – feel healthier from sunlight and fresh air
  • Appreciate your yard, trees, flowers and landscaping
  • An outdoor kitchen with grill or smoker
  • An outdoor media center
  • Safe play area for children
  • Pet containment
  • Entertainment space
  • Container gardening close to the kitchen
  • Rest and relaxation space
  • Picnic space
  • Wrap around pool or recreation area
  • Conveniently connect house and garage
  • Perfect place for a hot tub

What Materials are Used for a Deck?

A perfect home remodel, complete with a deck design, will take into consideration the best materials for your unique home. Your Certified Plan and Interior Designer at Drake Homes will evaluate your existing architecture, your landscape and your desired functions for the deck and will discuss the best deck materials to use such as tropical hardwoods, redwood, cedar, vinyl, composite wood or PVC.

From there, your deck design will start to take off. Among the design elements will be a careful addition of railing components. Railings can be constructed from everything from metals to cables to engineered wood to handcrafted balustrades. The right kind of railing will add beauty and style to your design.

If you envision using the deck during the long summer days, you may want to consider a roof. Canvas canopies or pergola roofs are both popular options in our region. Wooden sun shades add beauty and timelessness, as well. We can design and build the right roof to complement your deck and to expand its hours of usefulness.

Why Choose Drake Homes?

We’re pleased to direct you to our list of satisfied clients who have received an excellent home remodel with customized deck from Drake Homes and are currently enjoying cool evenings outdoors. In addition, our various awards have firmly placed us as leaders in the industry. Finally, our proven processes, compiled through experience, will oversee your home remodel and deck design from start to finish, adding a high level of efficiency to your remodeling project.

Locally Owned and Operated

We love being able to live and work out of Birmingham, AL. Calling this city “home” is one of our greatest pleasures in life. We love the diversity of food and the charm of the people here. We’re proud to be a part of this great community.

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What remodeling projects need to be done on your home? What kind of deck would be your dream deck? A newly-revised kitchen and bathrooms? An updated whole house footprint? A place to relax and have fun? A place for an outdoor kitchen? We can make your remodeling project and dream deck a reality.

Call us today at (205) 637-3646 or email us to schedule a free initial consultation. Let us get started in designing and building the best home and deck for your needs so you can enjoy a new level of comfort with your family.

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