Your Premier Whole House Renovator in Birmingham, AL

When you’re looking for the best in whole house renovation services in Birmingham, AL, Drake Homes has the certified designers and expert craftsmen to make your dream home a reality. From the creative designing stage to the professionally-executed finish work, we’ve got the range of services to bring you a gorgeous, new home that sports the style and comfort you’ve always wanted.

Why move when you love your location and you house, you just don’t like the layout, design or dated interior? A whole home renovation could be the answer. Let us design a new look that will bring you up-to-date with the latest in design, technology, function, and features.

Why Choose Drake Homes as Your Whole House Renovator in Birmingham, AL?

With our years of experience in whole house renovations, we’ve got the proven processes in place to see your project progress seamlessly from design to completion. You’ll appreciate the services of your own creative designer and project manager who will work closely with you to provide top customer care as well as quality design-build services.

As leaders in the industry, we’re proud of the awards and recognition we’ve received for our talented team of designers and builders. We put our customers first and it shows. Cutting corners isn’t our business, instead, we go the extra mile to make your new house renovation something extraordinary. You can count on us.

Locally Owned and Operated near Birmingham, AL

As everyone knows, Birmingham is truly a “Magic City” in the heart of Dixie. We wouldn’t want to live and work anywhere but in this great state. We love the eclectic people who make up our caring community and we appreciate the endless opportunities this region affords. But to be honest, we just really love the food here. There’s nothing like Alabama for BBQ, steak, and seafood. There’s no way you can live here and not be a foodie!

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Ready to talk about transforming your home into something amazing and unique? Call us today at (205) 637-3646 or email us to schedule a free initial consultation. We’re ready to bring our talents and our years of experience to work for you to renovate your whole home and bring you a beautiful, fresh new look that can provide a great return on investment, and many years of comfort and enjoyment to come.

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